Clive Davis – The Soundtrack of My Life – Spotify Exclusive

Posted: February 27, 2013 in New Music
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Spotify has just released the exclusive “The Soundtrack of My Life” playlist created by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Legendary Music Industry Executive Clive Davis as an accompaniment to his recently released memoir of the same title.  What makes this different from other celebrity playlists is that each song is preceded by audio commentary by Davis himself explaining the significance and facts about the songs.  Did you know that Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” was originally an upbeat song titled “Brandy” that was changed because they wanted to release it as a single but there were 2 other singles titled “Brandy” out at the time.  Or that Clive Davis had to re-write the lyrics to Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” because the original contained too many Australian terms that the American audience wouldn’t understand.  The 20 songs themselves are a greatest hits of music collection by artists from Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen and Dionne Warwick to TLC, Puff Daddy and Alicia Keys that makes great listening even without the commentary.

Spotify playlists are proof that the Mix Tape is not dead.  Everybody should create their own “Soundtrack To My Life” playlist.  Mine already has 340 songs and each has a related story that I could tell about how I saw it performed entirely by the audience because the PA system crashed (Jane’s Addiction – “Jane Says”) or how I saw it performed on a street corner by an, at the time, unknown band who would win a Grammy 10 years later (The Roots – “Pass The Popcorn”) or how when I was in high school and feeling depressed I would pick myself up by putting on head phones and turning it up so loud that I’m surprised I still have my hearing (Metallica – “One”).  Cheers to Spotify for coming up with new ideas and this exclusive content that gives more reasons for people to subscribe.  Let’s hope that they continue to work with artists and other important people in music to create more of these “Storytellers” type commentary filled playlists.  And if they’re reading this I’m ready to create commentary for all 340 of my songs in the “Soundtrack To My Life”.  You know where to find me

Clive Davis’ “The Soundtrack of My Life” with commentary

My “Soundtrack To My Life” (Sorry no commentary yet)


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