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Drums, war paint, strippers, power tools, Tommy Lee and a theremin.  Just another typical night in Vegas.  All were found inside Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino last night during Street Drum Corps presentation of their production show “Lost Vegas”.  Arriving at the filled to capacity yet comfortably spacious venue I was shocked at the transformation from a bare bones small music spot to a full stage production with an expanded stage, 7 large screens, smoke, lasers and of course…a stripper pole (Where else would the strippers dance during the show?)  I later learned from the band that all of the stage production along with various odd characters assisting with the performance were borrowed from their friends in Motley Crue.  The three core members Frank Zummo, Bobby Alt and Adam Alt arrived on stage a little after 11pm covered in “Street Drum Corps” hoodies and masks playing a straight percussion instrumental piece on normal drums. The masks were then removed to reveal their tribal face paint and the real fun began as they embarked on a one hour set of songs with new age punk vocals alternating with heavy instrumental pieces and even a drum circle in the middle of the audience.  The instruments ranged from drum sets to trash cans to a power saw grinding on a washing machine shooting sparks 20 ft. into the air to what I think was an early 19th century electronic device called a theremin which produces an eerie, acid trip sound without any physical contact by sensing the hand movements of the thereminist (what did you think a theremin player would be called?)  There was even the obligatory rock n roll concert drum solo by Zummo that, true to the eclectic nature of the show, was twisted with a backing dub step beat that morphed into the Chemical Brothers’ “Block Rockin’ Beats” (I see what they did there.)  The cell phones and cameras came out in full force with the appearances of special guests Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Adrian Young of No Doubt, and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction who all seemed to enjoy the craziness that was unfolding around them. I left fulfilled knowing that I had seen a concert that was unlike any of the hundreds I have ever been to.  Let’s hope the Hard Rock or any of the other music executives in the crowd felt the same way and figure out a way to book Street Drum Corps to a full time Vegas residency.  If the “World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater” can survive in Vegas then “Lost Vegas” can definitely succeed.

In crowd drum circle

Not my video but I somehow forgot to take video of a full song performance. Thankfully Greywolf598 on YouTube had it covered


Street Drum Corps is a drums and percussion based performance group that has been described as a Punk Rock Stomp.  Their music is a combination of new punk with street drumming played on various instruments and recycled objects along with some EDM beats (Listen on Spotify)  They are great guys who I had the pleasure of partying with a couple years ago when they were in town opening for 30 Seconds to Mars.  Congratulations to them on finally presenting their new production show “Lost Vegas” tonight 1/26/13 at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas.  They are bringing along special guests Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Adrian Young of No Doubt, and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction.  Stay tuned for a review